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Vita Nova Trentino Wellness Hotel & Resort

Vita Nova comprises the best hotels, campsites and thermal centres in the region of Trentino, offering high standard quality as well as very special and elegant spa facilities

With exclusive biocosmetic treatments, very comfortable beauty & spa centres with highly qualified staff and superiour quality services, Vita Nova Hotels & Resorts are the best choise for a great wellness holiday in Trentino.
“To experience the region of Trentino through the body” is the philosophy of Vita Nova Hotels & Resorts, which surprise with true and unique wellness offers in most fascinating forms. Their leisure offers range from family activities, which help to restore harmony by escaping from everyday pressures, to various sports activities aimed at discovering the region of Trentino with insiders and experts, in the middle of the unique panorama of the impressive Dolomites, many other beautiful landscapes, Lake Garda and Lake Levico.
Of course, the main highlight of Vita Nova Hotels & Resorts are the beauty and spa centres with their unique variety of saunas and Turkish baths offering absolute relaxation for body and soul, with magical spaces to rest and regenerate and perfumed atmospheric rooms to completely forget the rest of the world. Vita Nova Hotels & Resorts use Nigritella and Ribes Nigrum biocosmetics, very precious natural beauty gifts created by renown experts exclusively for Vita Nova.
Finally, the traditional cuisine of Trentino, together with a wide range of delicious wines, makes every holiday in Vita Nova Hotels & Resorts even more exquisite.

Vita Nova Trentino Wellness Hotel & Resort
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