Baselga di Piné

Baselga is the plateau’s economic and cultural centre and a main touristic area.

This is also the reason why here you will find some of the main public infrastructures such as the new congress centre or the local ice stadium.

Among the area’s valuable natural treasures are for instance lovely meadows and woods, the lakes of Serraia and Piazze or the biotope of Laghestel. Besides those natural highlights, Baselga di Piné features a number of cultural sites of interest. Worth seeing is the popular pilgrimage church of Montagnaga, hosting a famous Madonna painting by Caravaggio; not to forget the S. Maria Assunta church or the little church of San Rocco.

Suggested accommodations: Baselga di Piné

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    Hotel Edera

  2. Garni Laura

    Garni Laura

  3. Hotel Italia

    Hotel Italia

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