Mountains and hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways to experience the gorgeous natural landscape of the Trentino at first hand.

Spring, summer, autumn… almost in every season the Trentino region offers perfect hiking and trekking conditions, very popular are also multi-day tours. Thanks to the fantastic landscape this region offers, hiking becomes a lasting holiday experience. This is where everyone is going to find a tour that is able to satisfy one’s needs.

  1. Hiking in spring

    Hiking in spring

    When nature comes alive again, we can’t wait to explore the great outdoors again!
  2. Hiking in summer

    Hiking in summer

    What about hiking to high altitudes on hot summer days?
  3. Hiking in autumn

    Hiking in autumn

    Summer ends in September. But the sun continues shining across beautiful Trentino.
  4. Alpine tours

    Alpine tours

    Our suggestions for Alpine tours in the Trentino for summertime.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Tevini


  2. Da Elda Natural Retreat

    Da Elda Natural Retreat

  3. Kristiania


  4. SportHotel Panorama

    SportHotel Panorama

  5. Hotel Shandranj

    Hotel Shandranj

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