trento castello del buonconsiglio
trento castello del buonconsiglio


Ancient walls, surrounded by myths and legends and scattered all over the region.

A rich number of castles and fortresses characterise the entire Trentino region. Its important geographic position between two rather different cultures - that is to say the German speaking and the Mediterranean one - has substantially influenced both the building of Trentino’s castles and their golden age.

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  1. Castel Albano
    burg ruine schiesscharte

    Castel Albano

    For sure, Castel Albano is one of the best-known fortresses from the Middle Ages in…
  2. Castello di Altaguardia castle
    bresimo e sopra castel altaguardia

    Castello di Altaguardia castle

    The Castello di Altaguardia is one of the highest located castles of the Trentino…
  3. Castello di Arco
    arco castello di arco

    Castello di Arco

    Those walking up the fortified quarter of Arco and across a grove of olive trees,…
  4. Castel Belasi
    castel belasio o castel belasi

    Castel Belasi

    On a green hill near Campodenno, surrounded by a coniferous forest, Castel Belasi…
  5. Castel Belfort
    castel belfort

    Castel Belfort

    Castel Belfort is located on the road between the municipalities of Cavedago and…
  6. Castel Beseno
    castel beseno

    Castel Beseno

    Castel Beseno, near Rovereto, is the largest feudal fortress all over the Trentino region.
  7. Castel Bragher
    mauer fotolibrary

    Castel Bragher

    Castel Bragher majestically rises out of a forest along the road that connects the…
  8. Castello del Buonconsiglio
    castello buonconsiglio trento

    Castello del Buonconsiglio

    From the 12th to the 18th century, Buonconsiglio Castle was the seat of the…
  9. Castel Caldes
    castel caldes

    Castel Caldes

    Especially the architecture of the castle is eye-catching, an encounter of…
  10. Castel Campo
    burgfried schloss AT

    Castel Campo

    Surrounded by woods, at the edge of the Lomaso Plain, Castel Campo rises, a…
  11. Castel Casez
    sanzeno borgo di casez con castel casez

    Castel Casez

    Castel Casez dominates the village of Borgo Casez.
  12. Castello di Castelfondo
    castello di castelfondo

    Castello di Castelfondo

    Once the scene of the most important political battles in the Val di Non valley,…
  13. Castello di Castellano
    castello a castellano

    Castello di Castellano

    The Castello di Castellano is a fortified castle located in the eponymous village,…
  14. Castel Chizzola
    zinnen himmel fotolibrary

    Castel Chizzola

    Castel Chizzola is located at the Adige river, near Serravalle on the opposite bank…
  15. Castel Cles
    castel cles

    Castel Cles

    Castel Cles is enthroned on a hill, surrounded by beautiful orchards in the Val di…
  16. Castel Coredo
    Castel Coredo

    Castel Coredo

    Castel Coredo rises on a hill above the same-named village in the Val di Non valley.
  17. Castel Drena
    castel drena

    Castel Drena

    Castel Drena dominates the Marocche, a special natural phenomenon from the Ice Age…
  18. Castello di Dosso Maggiore
    ruderi castel di dosso maggiore resti del muro

    Castello di Dosso Maggiore

    The ruins of Castel Dosso Maggiore can still be seen today on the high plateau of…
  19. Castel Firmian
    mezzocorona castel firmian

    Castel Firmian

    Firmian Castle was built in 1480, when Nicolò Firmian, “Soldier of the Tridentine…
  20. Castel Gresta
    rovine di castel gresta

    Castel Gresta

    Castel Gresta, located in the eponymous valley, was for a long time the seat of…
  21. Castel Ivano
    castel ivano

    Castel Ivano

    An impressive past, numerous legends and an imposing architecture - this is Castel Ivano.
  22. Castello di Malgolo
    romeno castel malgolo

    Castello di Malgolo

    The Castel Malgolo is a beautiful private residence. It can only be visited from…
  23. Castello di Monreale
    san michele castello di montereale koenigsberg

    Castello di Monreale

    Monreale Castle, also called Königsberg, was once built to guard the Rotaliana…
  24. Castel Morenberg
    sarnonico palazzo castel morenberg

    Castel Morenberg

    This ancient fortified castle of the Morenberg family rises above the village of…
  25. Castel Nanno
    castel nanno

    Castel Nanno

    Castel Nanno rises near the eponymous village and is considered one of the most…
  26. Castel Noarna
    nogaredo castel noarna

    Castel Noarna

    Since the 11th century, the medieval castle has guarded the Vallagarina valley, the…
  27. Castello di Nomi
    castello nomi

    Castello di Nomi

    Only few wall remnants have been preserved of the former Castello di Nomi castle.
  28. Castel Pergine
    castel pergine

    Castel Pergine

    The impressive castle complex of Pergine, which is enthroned on the Tegazzo hill,…
  29. Castel Pietra
    Castel Pietra

    Castel Pietra

    Pietra Castle is located at the slopes below Beseno Castle, on the remains of a…
  30. Torre Quadra
    novaledo tor quadra

    Torre Quadra

    Today, only a few remains of the “Torre Quadra” tower can still be seen in Novaledo.
  31. Castello Roccabruna
    fornace castello roccabruna

    Castello Roccabruna

    Roccabruna Castle, a medieval complex in the centre of Fornace, is also known as…
  32. Castel Romano
    castel romano Pieve di Bono

    Castel Romano

    Castel Romano was built in the 12th century and watches over the village of Pieve…
  33. Castello di Rovereto
    rovereto castello

    Castello di Rovereto

    Where the Leno river enters the Val d’Adige valley, the castle of Rovereto towers…
  34. Castello di Sabbionara d’Avio
    sabbionara castello di avio

    Castello di Sabbionara d'Avio

    A particular example of medieval castles with a clearly Venetian influence
  35. Rocca di Samoclevo
    rocca di samoclevo

    Rocca di Samoclevo

    At the slope of Monte Vasa, the Caldes Castle is protected by the ruins of the keep…
  36. S. Giovanni Castle
    castel san giovanni

    S. Giovanni Castle

    The San Giovanni Castle soars above the village of Baitoni, a district of the…
  37. Torre S. Margherita
    castello besenello

    Torre S. Margherita

    The medieval tower Torre S. Margherita is what has remained of a fortified 13th…
  38. Castel San Michele
    ossana con castello di san michele

    Castel San Michele

    Castel San Michele, named after Saint Michael, to whom the chapel was dedicated,…
  39. Castel San Pietro
    schloss tor fotolibrary

    Castel San Pietro

    Castel S. Pietro rises on the top of Monte Ciolino, surrounded by a shady pine forest.
  40. Castello di Segonzano
    castello di segonzano

    Castello di Segonzano

    Segonzano Castle is a typical medieval building from the 13th century, with…
  41. Castello di Seregnano
    seregnano di civezzano con castello

    Castello di Seregnano

    Castello di Seregnano is a valuable building in the municipality of Civezzano from…
  42. Castel Stenico
    castel stenico

    Castel Stenico

    Since time immemorial Stenico has featured an ancient castle, once known as a great…
  43. Castel Telvana
    borgo valsugana castel telvana

    Castel Telvana

    Castel Telvana rises in a gorgeous panoramic position just above the town of Borgo…
  44. Castello di Tenno
    castello di tenno

    Castello di Tenno

    The Castello di Tenno rises on a cliff in the Valli Giudicarie valley.
  45. Castel Terlago
    castel terlago

    Castel Terlago

    Terlago Castle is located on a hill at the edge of the village of Terlago, against…
  46. Castel Thun
    castel thun schloss thun

    Castel Thun

    The history of the castle is inextricably linked with the history of the noble Thun…
  47. Castel Toblino
    calavino lago di toblino e castel toblino

    Castel Toblino

    Numerous legends and myths grow around this romantic castle on the shores of Lake Toblino.
  48. Castello della Torre
    mezzolombardo castello della torre

    Castello della Torre

    The impressive castle complex dominates the village of Mezzolombardo.
  49. Castel Valer
    tassullo castel valer

    Castel Valer

    Built between the 13th and 16th century, Castel Valer is known as one of the best…
  50. Castel Vasio
    schloss zinnen ED

    Castel Vasio

    Castel Vasio, named after the eponymous parish in the municipality of Fondo, offers…
  51. Castello di Vigolo
    vigolo vattaro castello di vigolo

    Castello di Vigolo

    The ancient medieval fortress was replaced by a new one in the 17th century, thus…
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