The veil of mystery…

A rich number of castles and fortresses characterise the entire Trentino region. Its important geographic position between two rather different cultures - that is to say the German speaking and the Mediterranean one - has substantially influenced both the building of Trentino’s castles and their golden age.

  1. Castello di Altaguardia castle

    Castello di Altaguardia castle

    The Castello di Altaguardia is one of the highest located castles of the Trentino…
  2. Castello di Arco

    Castello di Arco

    Those walking up the fortified quarter of Arco and across a grove of olive trees,…
  3. Castel Beseno

    Castel Beseno

    Recently rennovated, Castel Beseno is the largest feudal fortress all over the…
  4. Castello del Buonconsiglio

    Castello del Buonconsiglio

    Numerous legends and myths have always characterised this castle and the bishops…
  5. Castel Ivano

    Castel Ivano

    An impressive past, numerous legends and an imposing architecture - this is Castel Ivano.
  6. Castel Pergine

    Castel Pergine

    High above on a hill towers the majestic castle of Pergine, guarding the Valsugana…
  7. Castello di Rovereto

    Castello di Rovereto

    Where the Leno river enters Val d’Adige, right there on a little crag, towers the…
  8. Castello di Sabbionara d’Avio

    Castello di Sabbionara d'Avio

    A particular example of medieval castles with a clearly Venetian influence
  9. S. Giovanni Castle

    S. Giovanni Castle

    The San Giovanni Castle soars above the village of Baitoni, a district of the…
  10. Castel Stenico

    Castel Stenico

    From time immemorial Stenico has featured an ancient castle, once known as a great…
  11. Castel Thun

    Castel Thun

    The history of the castle is inextricably linked with the history of a noble family…
  12. Castel Toblino

    Castel Toblino

    Numerous legends and myths come with this romantic castle on the shores on Lake Toblino.
  13. Castel Vasio

    Castel Vasio

    Castel Vasio, named after the eponymous parish in the municipality of Fondo, offers…

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  1. Agritur Castel Vasio

    Agritur Castel Vasio

  2. Castel Pergine

    Castel Pergine

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