Dog-friendly holidays

Holidays in the Trentino with your four-legged friend, an adventure both for dogs and humans. The gorgeous landscape invites to spend some days here together.

The Trentino offers a gorgeous natural landscape which shows its beauty in various ways at any time of the year. The rock walls of the Dolomites, the Adamello Glaciers, valleys and alpine pastures, woods and vineyards, lakes and streams… a unique enchanting world which you best discover with your loved ones and your four-legged friend.

Thanks to the local authorities and tourist associations, which care also for four-legged guests, the Trentino offers an abundance of possibilities to discover the region, to relax and to enjoy. Here you can find some ideas.

  1. Rules and Regulations for Dog Owners

    Rules and Regulations for Dog Owners

    To ensure a pleasant cohabitation of the two-legged and four-legged guests in…
  2. Hiking with Dogs

    Hiking with Dogs

    Nice hiking tips in the Trentino and some rules to observe – here we go, the…
  3. Swimming with Dogs

    Swimming with Dogs

    On hot summer days, also dogs enjoy a refreshing jump into the cool water. The…
  4. Useful Addresses

    Useful Addresses

    Following we have listed some useful addresses which could help you along during…
  5. Public Transport

    Public Transport

    Following you can find some guidelines to make sure, that travelling by public…

Suggested accommodations

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    SportHotel Panorama

  2. Hotel Olimpionico

    Hotel Olimpionico

  3. Hotel Waldheim

    Hotel Waldheim

  4. Hotel Vittoria

    Hotel Vittoria

  5. Hotel Paradiso

    Hotel Paradiso