Val di Non

The Val di Non valley is known above all for its tasty apples grown at high altitudes. An enchanting scenery with quaint villages and mighty mountains is waiting for you.

The Val di Non valley stretches between Mezzocorona and the Adige valley, along the Noce river to Lake Santa Giustina and further along the banks of Rio Novella to San Felice in the province of Bolzano.

The valley is known above all for boasting numerous lakes such as Lake Santa Giustina, Lake San Felice or Tovel, which combine to create a unique natural highlight. Moreover, the valley is an ideal starting point for hikes across the Brenta Dolomites, the Mendola and Ortles mountains as well as to Caldaro or Merano in stunning near-by South Tyrol.

In the north it borders the Maddalene mountain range, in the south-west the Brenta Dolomites, in the east the Anauni mountains and in the south the Paganella Massif and the Andalo Saddle. You can access the Val di Non valley when coming from the Val di Sole valley (across Passo Tonale-Lombardy), from the Adige valley (Mezzocorona), across Passo Mendola (via Caldaro, South Tyrol) or across Passo Palade (from Merano). Trento and Cles are connected by a railway line, while Caldaro and Passo Mendola are connected by a funicular railway.

The valley is an ideal holiday resort for all those looking for relaxing days away from stress and hectic at the heart of a stunning natural scenery. The idyllic villages of the valley host moreover numerous sites of interest…

  1. Amblar Don

    Amblar Don

    The municipality of Amblar-Don is located at a moraine plateau at the western…
  2. Bresimo


    Bresimo is located between the Val di Non and Val di Sole valleys. The…
  3. Campodenno


    Close to the centre of the village, there is the majestic Belasi Castle, dating…
  4. Castelfondo


    Castelfondo has got Roman origins and has been constructed in order to protect the…
  5. Cavareno


    Located on a high plateau, Cavareno is surrounded by meadows and woods and is a…
  6. Cis


    Cis is located on a narrow high plateau between the river valleys of the Noce and…
  7. Cles


    The village of Cles is the main place of the Val di Non valley. Situated at 650 m…
  8. Contà


    The municipality of Contà in the Val di Non valley is located amidst orchards and…
  9. Dambel


    Dambel, inhabited by 450 citizens, is located between the two tributaries of the…
  10. Denno


    Denno, one of the main villages in the lower Val di Non valley, is located between…
  11. Fondo


    Fondo is the chief city of the upper Val di Non valley. Surrounded by…
  12. Livo


    Livo is situated in the heart of the Mezzalone plateau between between the gorges…
  13. Malosco


    Malosco, a small village in the upper Val di Non valley, is of great historical…
  14. Novella


    The villages of the municipality of Novella are located at the fertile slopes of…
  15. Predaia


    The municipality of Predaia unifies the villages on the southwestern slope of the…
  16. Romeno


    Romeno is situated on 962 m asl and is one of the best known localities of the Val…
  17. Ronzone


    Ronzone, a sunny village in the upper Val di Non valley, is located close to the…
  18. Ruffré Mendola

    Ruffré Mendola

    Near Ruffré, located in the eastern part of the Val di Non valley, there is also…
  19. Rumo


    Amidst mountainous sceneries at the bottom of the Maddalene mountain range lies the…
  20. Sanzeno


    Sanzeno has alrady been inhabited in the 6th century. This village looks back on a…
  21. Sarnonico


    At the heart of an extensive plateau in upper Valle di Non valley lies Sarnonico, a…
  22. Sfruz


    The Corno di Tres mountain rises above the typical mountain village of Sfruz, one…
  23. Sporminore


    Sporminore is situated at the entrance of the Val di Non valley at the right Noce…
  24. Ton


    The village of Ton situated at low altitude and is particularly famous for its…
  25. Ville d’Anaunia

    Ville d’Anaunia

    The Lago di Tovel lake in the Brenta Dolomites is the most famous natural monument…

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