Tradition and culture

The Trentino is a region of cultural encounters. Already in the past Germans, Italians and Ladins joined in this area.

Always has the Trentino been a territory of contrasts and encounters. A piece of land, in which mountain passes and elevated plains join hilly valleys and plains and in which different people and cultures join. In antiquity it were the Romans and the celitic people of the Rhaetians, while in Middle Ages the Rhaeto-Romans and Germaic peoples populated this area. Later on the German, Italian and Ladin populations joined in the Trentino and their cultures mingled.

Its history, but also the relatively insular geographic position of some valleys led to an extraordinary richness in culture and many customs and traditions that have been kept alive up to the present. Also some minority groups and gastronomic pecularities have been preserved till now.

  1. Trentino Christmas Markets

    Trentino Christmas Markets

    Christmas time in Trentino is characterized by shining lights, colours, the flavour…
  2. The Cribs of the Trentino

    The Cribs of the Trentino

    The crib has a centuries-long tradition in the Trentino. Every year during the…
  3. Economy Festival Trento

    Economy Festival Trento

    In the Economy Festival Trento, economy scholars, Nobel Prize winners and managers…
  4. Feste Vigiliane

    Feste Vigiliane

    “Feste Vigiliane” denominates the celebration in which Trento worships its patron…
  5. Habsburg Carnival

    Habsburg Carnival

    Experience the lifestyle of Emperor Franz Joseph I and his famous wife Sisi.
  6. The dialect of the Trentino

    The dialect of the Trentino

    The unofficial language of the Trentino.
  7. The Ladins

    The Ladins

    The Rhaeto-Romanic population and their culture
  8. The “Mocheni”

    The “Mocheni"

    The Valle dei Mocheni, also called “Bersntol” is a German linguistic area in Trentino.
  9. The Cimbrian

    The Cimbrian

    The Cimbric language is Middle High German with a southern Bavarian sound which is…
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