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The Trentino has got several gastronomic highlights to offer, discover the merits of the cuisine of the Trentino.

The Trentino has got a wide variety of typical gastronomical products to offer, holidays in this area are so to speak a real treat for your palate. Typical for the Trentino are e.g. several wines or the Grappe, also popular on an international level. Apple cultivation areas, however, are particularly the Val di Non, Val d’Adige, the Alto Garda and the Valsugana.

A traditional art is the production of alpine cheese prepared on the basis of original recipes. The most popular types of cheese of the Trentino are the Trentingrana, Spressa delle Giudicarie and the Vezzena. Equally popular are the sausage products such as the Carne Salada, the Ciuga del Banale and the Mortadela of the Val di Non. Another crucial element in the cuisine is polenta, which can be cooked in many different ways. Experience the delicacies of the Trentino!

  1. Wine


    The Trentino is an important first-class-wine producer, also testified by the…
  2. Milk and Cheese

    Milk and Cheese

    The cheese dairies in the Trentino produce high quality cheeses.
  3. The apples of the Trentino

    The apples of the Trentino

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away…
  4. Speck and Carne Salada

    Speck and Carne Salada

    These sausage and meat products are typical for the Trentino.
  5. Chestnuts in Trentino

    Chestnuts in Trentino

    The chestnut is a highly estimated and nutritious fruit and is for this reason…
  6. Asparagus from Zambana

    Asparagus from Zambana

    The community of Zambana is specialized in cultivation of asparagus for hundreds of…
  7. Polenta


    Traditional cuisine rediscovered in the north of Italy.
  8. Dumplings


    The dumplings – in many variations – are a typical dish of the Trentino.

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