A series of useful information for a carefree stay in the Trentino.

This category provides a list of the feast days and holidays in which the shops and offices remain closed, important telephone numbers, traffic information and further useful information for carefree holidays in Trentino.

  1. Map


    The most important information for your holidays in Trentino are displayed on our map.
  2. Helpful Driving Information

    Helpful Driving Information

    The most important traffic information for your holidays in the Trentino.
  3. Official holidays in Trentino

    Official holidays in Trentino

    All official holidays of the Trentino at a glance: this is where you can find a…
  4. The climate of Trentino

    The climate of Trentino

    The climate in the Trentino region makes it possible to enjoy sports and movement…
  5. Important telephone numbers

    Important telephone numbers

    Below you can find a list of the most important telephone numbers for your holidays…