Feste Vigiliane

“Feste Vigiliane” denominates the celebration in which Trento worships its patron saint S. Vigilius. For one week, there are fashion shows, historical flashbacks and cultural events.

Every year in June, Trento, the capital of the Trentino, celebrates its patron saint San Vigilio. For one entire week, the roads and alleys transform into Mediaeval quarters in which ancient handicraft works are livened up and typical Trentino delicacies can be tasted. Games, music, entertainment and historical reviews every year again enthuse the audience in warm summer evenings.

The festival is inaugurated with the cultural event “Cena Benedettina” on the meadows of the Doss Trento. What you also should not miss is the Tribunale della Penitenza (criminal court) on the market square, the race of the geese (Palio dell’Oca) which is a traditional raft competition, the historical showing of waterboarding (La Tonca) in the Adige river and much more.

For the conclusion of this event, every year on June 26, there are fireworks to the honour of S. Vigilius.

Further information:
Azienda per il Turismo Trento, Monte Bondone e Valle dei Laghi
phone: +39 0461 216000
Email: informazioni@apt.trento.it

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    June children free

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