Calceranica al Lago

The village of Calceranica al Lago - on the one hand it is built on a rock, on the other hand it is directly situated at the lakeshore.

This village has got ancients origins. This is also what the mining museum testifies. It proves that mining has flourished in this area up to the middle of last century. Calceranica is not only characterised by its vicinity to the lake, but also by its antique nature. Thanks to lake Caldonazzo you can also enjoy different water sports as well as extended walks along the lake, relax on the beaches or explore the lake in sailing or paddle boat.
The most striking element of the village is, however, S. Ermete church, which is located on a rocky hill. This church, dating back to the year 1000, is the oldest church of the Valsugana. The steeple has been built in early Romanesque style, while the church itself features a Romanesque-Gothic construction style. This church is captivating due to its location as well as to its simplicity of forms.
Our recommendation: an evening walk along the lakeshore up to the S. Ermete church! You will enjoy it!

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