Asparagus from Zambana

The community of Zambana has been specialised in cultivation of asparagus for centuries. A real culinary delight!

Zambana is well-known for one vegetable: the asparagus. It is an exquisite and delicate white asparagus without fibres. Zambana asparagus owes these characteristics to the special soil and technique developed by the local asparagus growers over time. In order to call asparagus “Trentino asparagus” (asparago trentino), the farmers must conform to strict soil and cultivation guidelines.

Already in the 19th century we find information about the famous asparagus of Zambana. The harvest which takes place between March and the end of May is still done by hand. The asparagus is well known in the classic cuisine as well as for its diuretic effect.

In spring the asparagus from Zambana is in the centre of numerous festivities. Asparagus as a starter, asparagus in soups or Risotti or it is served with eggs, meat or fish. Don’t miss this culinary delight! Buon Appetito!

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