Milk and Cheese

The cheese dairies in the Trentino produce a wide range of high quality cheeses.

In the Trentino quality has always taken precedence over quantity in agriculture. The milk comes from cows, which graze on the high mountains of the Trentino in summer. There are more than 20 traditional cheeses which are produced from high quality milk.

The probably best-known cheese of the region is the “Grana del Trentino” belonging to the Consorzio di Tutela del formaggio Grana (consortium for the protection of the Grana cheese) and having a brand seal on the rind. Also very popular is the Asiago, a rather soft cheese with a mild, spicy taste. This cheese also has a protected designation of origin (D.O.C.) and is produced in various cheese dairies in Trentino.

Other cheeses are the Mozzarella, Caciota, Dolomiti, Rabiola, Casolet della Val di Sole valley, Fontal, Vezzena, Spressa delle Giudicarie and Rendena and the Tosela, a cream-like rennet cheese.

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