Situated at the foot of the ruins of Castel Pietra, Tonadico is perfect for relaxing holidays.

As one of the oldest villages of the Val di Primiero valley, Tonadico has once been the administrative centre of the entire valley. Nowadays the municipality counts 1,500 inhabitants. Several historical evidences can be found in the village, located at 765 m a.s.l., as well as mural frescoes illustrating saints.

Most of the communal territory as well as the surrounding meadows and forests of the Val Canali and Val Venegia valleys are part of the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park. At Tonadico, there is also the mansion Villa Welsperg, which in 1853 was established by the Counts von Welsperg. Today it houses the nature park visitors’ centre. Typical for the Tonadico lowland are the so called “bark”, small wooden barns.

Tonadico features numerous accommodations and captivates due to its quiet location as well as its cheerful inhabitants.

Suggested accommodation: Tonadico

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