Land Art

Land Art – a connection of artistic creativity and natural environment – can be discovered in the Trentino.

In 1967 a contemporary art, which became popular as Land Art or also Earth Art, came into being in the USA. The artist gives up the traditional methods and is working directly in and with nature. Also the Trentino with its gorgeous landscapes, offers paths, which are decorated with such artworks. Land Art in the Trentino!

  1. RespirArt


    In Pampeago, in the beautiful Val di Fiemme valley, you can find RespirArt, the…
  2. Ledro Land Art

    Ledro Land Art

    The Ledro Land Art Path was founded in 2012 in the beautiful nature of the Val die…
  3. Il respiro degli alberi - The Breath of the Trees

    Il respiro degli alberi - The Breath of the Trees

    This art path is ideally suited to experience the Lavarone High Plateau in an…
  4. BoscoArteStenico


    The BoscoArteStenico Theme Trail with its international artworks is dedicated to…
  5. Arte Sella

    Arte Sella

    Arte Sella is an international event of contemporary arts that is staged in the…

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