Rhaetian Museum

The Rhaetian Museum (Museo Retico) exhibits findings dating back to the period from 3,000 BC to the Roman age and illustrates the history of the Val di Non.

The Rhaetian Museum is located in Sanzeno in the charming Val di Non valley, in the place where the science-oriented trail leadin to the pilgrimage site San Romedio. The museum was inaugurated in 2003.

The exhibit includes findings dating back to the period from 3,000 BC up to the Roman age, as well as Rhaetian testimonia. The people of Raeti, called Reti in Italian, lived in the period between the 6th and the 1st century BC. It was an ethnic group of the ancient world that domiciled in the central and eastern Alpine area and mainly settled down in today’s Trentino and Tyrol. When the Alpine area was conquered by Augustus in the years 16-15 BC, the Rhaetian people were bowed down to Rome and annexed to the province of Rhaetia.

Opening hours:
20th of June until 10th of September from 10 am - 1 pm and 2 - 6 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
March until 19th of June and 11th of September until 31st of October from 2 - 6 pm (Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays)

Entrance fee:
Adults: 3,50 Euros
Reduced: 2,50 Euros

Further information:
Rhaetian MuseumSanzeno
Tel. +39 0463 434125

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