An imposing mountain above the Vallarsa valley and Valli di Terragnolo

The Pasubio is situated at the border of the provinces Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino and extends between the Passo Pian delle Fugazze near Rovereto to the Passo Borcola, about 30 km in linear distance from lake Garda. The mountain range belongs to the pre-Alps and is situated near the “Piccole Dolomiti” (small Dolomites) on the Altopiano di Folgaria. The highest elevation is the Cima Palòn (2.236 m).

One of the most popular starting points for numerous hikes is the Passo Fugazze and the Passo Xomo. At the rifugio Vincenzo Lancia, the European path E5 begins and leads to the Rifugio Generale Papa on 1,928 m, where only a few metres seperate you from the summit, which offers you a splendid 360° view on the highest peaks of the Trentino, from the Adamello group to the Pale di San Martino…

Our recommendation: the 6.2 km long “Sentiero della Galleria” begins at the Passo Xomo! This historical path was established in 1917 in WWI and leads to the summit via 52 tunnels.

Highest peak: Cima Palòn (2,236 m)
Major peaks: Roite (2,144 m), Col Santo (2,112 m)

  1. Cima Palòn

    Cima Palòn

    In the past the Pasubio was located in a strategic position

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