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zecche in trentino pixabay cc publicdomain

Ticks in Trentino

Ticks are parasites that can be found in the forests of the Trentino between March and October. Below you will find some useful information about what you can do to avoid a tick bite

What are ticks?

The tick is a small parasite (like the head of a pin), usually dark brown in colour. This parasite feeds on the blood of animals or humans. The tick does not fly, but waits for its host by camouflaging itself in the vegetation and attaching itself to the host when passing by. A tick bite is rarely noticed and does not cause immediate health damage to humans, but it is dangerous as it can be a transmission route for infections. In Trentino there are two tick-borne diseases: encephalitis (TBE) and Lyme disease (or Borreliosis).

**Where and when can you find ticks?

Ticks prefer damp places rich in grassy vegetation, woods and natural shrubs. They are usually found at an altitude of less than 1,500 metres a.s.l. and occur throughout the province from spring to autumn at temperatures above 10 degrees.

Preventing a tick bite:.

  • Avoid walking in tall grass and near bushes
  • Wear clothing that covers the whole body and skin well and is tight around the ankles, wrists and neck (long trousers, long-sleeved jumpers)
  • Wear light-coloured clothing so that the tick is easier to see
  • Spray special protective products on skin, clothing and shoes
  • Ticks need 24 hours to choose a place where they can take hold. They prefer areas where the skin is thinner and has better blood supply (e.g. head, groin, armpits, abdomen)

What to do in case of a tick bite?

In case of a tick bite, which usually appears as a red rimmed spot, it is important to remove the tick as soon as possible. It is recommended to go to the nearest emergency department where it will be properly removed and any necessary medical measures will be taken.

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