The village of Ton is situated at low altitude and is particularly famous for its great architecture.

Ton includes the localities of Toss, Vigo and Masi di Vigo, which are all situated in quiet location and surrounded by fruit trees.

Not far from the village, there is Thun Castle, dating back to the middle of the 13th century. From this castle you can enjoy a beautiful view. Moreover it is one of the best preserved castles throughout the Trentino region. Other notable buildings are the Assunta parish church at Vigo, which was modified and expanded several times in different epochs, and the San Vigilio church.

However, those who love nature will enjoy the numerous paths in the mountains of Cime di Vigo, ranging from the Rocchetta biotope to the mountain pass of Prà d’Arza.

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    Agritur Golden Pause

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