Ville d’Anaunia

The Lago di Tovel lake in the Brenta Dolomites is the most famous natural monument at Ville d’Anaunia.

The municipality of Ville d’Anaunia which accrued from the merging of the municipalities of Nanno, Tassullo and Tuenno extends from the green terraces at the right side of the Val di Non valley towards the Val di Tovel valley. The latter is well-known for the beautiful eponymous lake in the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park.

Already in prehistoric times this area has been settled and has a long tradition in agriculture, transhumance and forestry. For centuries the individual small villages of the area were combined under the parish of Tassullo. Today the municipality is a centre of apple cultivation and a very popular holiday and hiking destination due to its numerous castles, churches and the beautiful landscape.

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