The villages of the municipality of Novella are located at the fertile slopes of Mount Ozol, above the St. Giustina Lake.

The municipality of Novella is located at about 800 m a.s.l., has approx. 3,600 inhabitants and includes the villages of Brez, Cagnò, Cloz, Revò and Romallo. The rich nature invites to do mountain hikes, horseback rides, mountain bike tours and comfortable walks.

The five small villages, which form the municipality of Novella, enchant with architectural particularities, historic residences and farm houses. Really worth seeing!

  1. Brez


    Located on the right side of the Valle della Novella valley, Brez offers several…
  2. Cagnò


    The charming village of Cagnò is located between the Valle della Piole valley and…
  3. Cloz


    Cloz, a little village at the foot of Monte Ozol, is a perfect place for a…
  4. Revò


    As cultural centre of the so-called “Terza Sponda Anaune”, Revò is situated in a…
  5. Romallo


    The little village of Romallo in the Val di Non valley extends on a plain area at…