Pejo Fonti

Pejo Fonti, one of the localities of Pejo, is famous for its recently renovated thermal centre.

Due to the fact that this locality has got a long tradition as health resort, nowadays Pejo Fonti is rather called Pejo Terme. The thermal centre offers a huge variety of different cures. Moreover it includes a health centre, a swimming pool, a gym and other wellness facilities.

In 1549 AD the baths “Bagni di Pej” have been mentioned for the first time. Also the therapeutic effect of the mineral water from the spring in Pejo Fonti has been acknowledged at those times.

Situated in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, Pejo Fonti is a perfect starting point for excursions and hikes on the surrounding moutains, some of the peaks even exceed 3,000 metres.

Also in winter this locality fascinates its visitors thanks to its mountain character, which Pejo Fonti has always preserved. Only a few steps from the thermal bath, there is the valley station of the “Tarlenta” funicular, which in winter takes you to the slopes of the ski areas.

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