vallagarina val lagarina
vallagarina val lagarina


Weather forecast

Saturday 25/06 morning:

RoveretoAlaBrentonicoVallarsaVilla Lagarina: Sunny.

Saturday 25/06 afternoon:

RoveretoAla: Sunny. BrentonicoVallarsaVilla Lagarina: Sunny or partly cloudy.

Saturday 25/06 evening:

RoveretoVallarsa: Sunny or partly cloudy. AlaBrentonicoVilla Lagarina: Sunny.

Sunday 26/06 morning:

RoveretoAlaBrentonicoVallarsaVilla Lagarina: Sunny.

Sunday 26/06 afternoon:

RoveretoAlaBrentonicoVilla Lagarina: Sunny or partly cloudy. Vallarsa: Slightly or partially cloudy.

Sunday 26/06 evening:

RoveretoVallarsaVilla Lagarina: Sunny or partly cloudy. AlaBrentonico: Sunny.

Monday 27/06 morning:

RoveretoAlaBrentonicoVallarsaVilla Lagarina: Sunny.

Monday 27/06 afternoon:

RoveretoAlaVallarsaVilla Lagarina: Sunny or partly cloudy. Brentonico: Slightly or partially cloudy.

Monday 27/06 evening:

RoveretoAla: Sunny or partly cloudy. BrentonicoVallarsaVilla Lagarina: Hardly cloudy due to medium-high stratifications.

Tuesday 28/06 morning:

RoveretoAlaBrentonicoVallarsaVilla Lagarina: Sunny or partly cloudy.

Tuesday 28/06 afternoon:

RoveretoAlaBrentonicoVilla Lagarina: Overcast due to cirrostratus clouds and compact cloud layers. Vallarsa: Partly cloudy with possible isolated thunderstorms.

Tuesday 28/06 evening:

RoveretoAlaBrentonicoVallarsaVilla Lagarina: Heavily clouded with rainfall and thunderstorms.

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