Lake Andalo

Lake Andalo is a disappearing and reappearing lake.

Situated between the hill on which Andalo is built, and the Monte Gallino, lake Andalo is a small lake of karst origin. It features an elongated form, a lenght of 1.450 km and is about 350 metres wide. However, the level of the lake varies depending on the season and precipitations. Moreover lake Andalo does not have any visible tributaries. In fact, water interchange takes place subterraneously. The period of time in which the water line achieves its highest level is the thawing period, between April and June as well as in autumn, due to autumn rainfall. That is also why the average maximum depth of the lake, which is about 13 metres, is variable. And for this reason it might also occur that the lake completely disappears, so don’t be disappointed!
The only fish present in lake Andalo is the minnow, which reappears via subterraneous way in its waters after dry periods.

However, several leisure time activities can be performed at the lakeshore, as a path surrounds the lake which is perfect for walks or go round the lake by bicycle. Furthermore a cross-country ski track encircles the lake, which has been venue for the popular 24 hours race. As this track is illuminated, it is possible to enjoy cross country skiing until 9 p.m.!

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