Lake Ledro

Thanks to its crystalline water, this lake is one of the most beautiful in the Trentino.

The picturesque alpine lake Lago di Ledro is situated on 655 m above sea level in the homonymous valley, between Lake Garda and Lake Idro. The total surface of the lake is 2.2 sqm, whereas the maximum depth is 47 metres. Lake Ledro was created by a blocking of a moraine from the ancient Garda glacier. Thanks to its splendid greed colour and the crystalline water which reflects the surrounding mountains, this lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Trentino. Moreover the lake is surrounded by dense forests in a fairytale-like landscape.

Up to the 19th century, the lake has almost been cut off from the outside world. In the year 1847, however, the first street was built, which features several narrow serpentines. In the 1980s, a new street with two galleries has been built, which leads into the Ledro Valley. The old street represents a real challenge for mountain bikers. Lake Ledro is primarily known for an archeological finding made in the year 1929, when the water level of the lake had been brought down for the alignment to the power station of Riva del Garda. These findings included pile dwellings dating back to the Bronze Age. Nowadays these pile dwellings are among the most popular throughout Europe due to their good state of preservation as well as their dimension.

Although many findings were lost, several items are preserved and exhibited in the museum of Molina di Ledro, chief city of the Valle di Ledro. Lake Ledro is perfect for spending a relaxing time. No matter if you prefer fishing, exploring the 200 km path network, walk along the lake or refresh yourself in the cool water – Lake Ledro as well as its surrounding is perfect for any kind of outdoor activities.

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