Lake Tovel

This lake is located in the Brenta Dolomites and is famous for its red colour.

Lake Tovel is located in the Adamello-Brenta nature park and features a nearly triangular form. It is one kilometre long, about 500 metres wide and displays a maximum depth of 38.5 metres. The lake is surrounded by dense forests and the majestic peaks of the Brenta Dolomites. Lake Tovel was created by a landslide that took place in the year 1300. It is fed by two rivers, which are the S. Maria Flavona and the Rislà, that forms a beautiful small waterfall near the lake. Even if it is characterised by green and blue colour shades, it is famous due to another colour, which is red.

In fact, in summer months large portions of the lake used to take a deep red colour. That is also why the lake is called “red lake”. This spectacular colour change is caused by the strong concentration of an alga, the “glenodinium sanguineum”. However, this phenomenon has never been fully researched. Since 1964 the lake has not changed its colour any more, as the algae which cause the colour change is still present in the lake, but in a decreased concentration. Nevertheless lake Tovel is a feast for the eyes!

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