Lake Molveno

Due to the green-blue colour shades the water seems to merge with the lakeside.

Featuring a maximum depth of 123 metres, lake Molveno is the deepest lake entirely belonging to the Trentino territory. Its average depth is 49.3 metre. Moreover lake Molveno is 4.5 km long, 1.5 km wide and represents the largest alpine lake located above an altitude of 800 m asl.
Its waters reflect the surrounding mountains of the Brenta Dolomites as well as the Paganella mountain chain. Moreover the lake is characterised by its variety of colour shades. Numerous rivers from the surrounding mountain chains flow into lake Molveno, bordered by dense forests. Alrerady the Italian poet Antonio Fogazzaro praised the beauty of the lake and described lake Molveno as “jewel in a precious casket”.

Furthermore the lake Molveno is popular thanks to its diverse fish species. Trouts, arctic chars and perches are only a selection of different fish which have their natural habitat in the lake. This is one of the indications which proves that the waters of lake Molveno are crystal clear. However, not only in the lake the variety of animals is huge, but also around the lake, where rabbits, chamois, roes and many other animals live. Lake Molveno is named after the homonymous main village at the lakeshore, which is also a reknown climatic spa.
Thanks to the wind “Ora del Garda” which blows daily from March to October, lake Molveno is perfect for sailing. Moreover it represents a popular destination for fishermen, divers and those who love outdoor activities. There are also several beaches and bays which invite you to stay and relax.

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