Lake Tenno

Lake Tenno is the most limpid and clear freshwater lake in Italy

This is what a study carried out by the Fondazione Agnelli proves. In fact, lake Tenno represents a real jewel in the Trentino landscape. Due to its azure-turquoise colour shades, some people also call it “lago azzurro”. This lake, featuring a nearly perfect round form, is situated on 570 m asl and is embedded in an intact natural landscape at the foot of Monte Misone. The surface of the lake is about 0.22, but its level considerably varies depending on precipitations.

In relation to the water level in summer, autumn rain might for example raise its level about 15 metres. The small island in the lake which in summer is accessibile on foot, is totally immerged in the lake in winter - only a few trees are visible from the lakeshore.
Compared to lake Garda, time seems to run slower. There are no buildings at the lakeshore and the lake can not be reached by car, but by mediaeval stairs. Moreover the lake is surrounded by a dense forest, which together with the white stones on the bottom, confer a tropical touch to lake Tenno.

However, the lake is a oasis of calm anf perfect for those who seek relaxation. Thanks to the pleasant water temperature in summer and its crystal clear waters, you can also enjoy swimming. Other leisure time activities might include a one-hour walk round the lake or a visit to the amazing Cascata del Varone waterfall, where the water of lake Tenno cascated down into a narrow gorge. Don’t forget to bring your raincoat!

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