Lake Levico

Little brother of lake Caldonazzo resembles a Norwegian fjord.

The distinctive form of lake Levico, one of the cleanest Italian lakes, resembles a Norwegian fjord. Only a forested hill called Colle di Tenna, separates lake Levico from its big brother, lake Caldonazzo. As the name lake Levico reveals, it is situated close to the thermal centre Levico Terme. The picturesque lake Levico, surrounded by dense forests, reflects the colours of the trees on his surface. That is also one of the reasons why this lake has got a beautiful emerald green colour. However, as the trees change their colour in autumnm, also the aspect of the lake changes and mirrors a beautiful autumn landscape.
Also those who seek relaxation and those who like water sports will love lake Levico. Along its north bank, there is the pleasant fishermen’s path (strada dei pescatori), which leads you along the lakeshore. Protected by shady trees, it is also perfectly suitable for walks in hot summer days.

Among the reeds of the lake, called Canneto di Levico, you can observe different water birds, for example migratory birds like common gulls, nuns and robins, which stop or winter in the biotope. Sports enthusiasts come to lake Levico for sailing, surfing and swimming. Moreover at the lakeshore there is a lido with beaches, where adults and children can enjoy swimming. The absolute highlight is, however, situated at the opposite site of the lake… on a liana you can swing over the surface of the lake and jump into the water – like Tarzan!

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