Lake Toblino

This lake is considered to be one of the most romantic lakes in the Trentino.

Lake Toblino is situated about 15 km in the west of Trento at 245 m a.s.l. in the Sarca Valley, also called “Lake Valley” due to the large number of lakes located along this valley. Lake Toblino originates from erosions as well as debris that the Sarca river has transported into the valley for centuries. However, the original lake transparency today is impaired by the glacier water, which is conducted into the lake. Nevertheless lake Toblino is considered to be one of the most romantic lakes throughout the Trentino. What is most impressive is its location amidst soft hills, dense forests, vineyards, fruit trees, cypress alleys and Piccolo Dain rock face (971 m).

Thanks to the mild climate in the area of lake Toblino, there is a typical Mediterranean vegetation with lemons, rosemary, laurelsa and olive trees. This is the habitat of different water birds and fish, as the area is also protected.
However, the most astonishing element on the lake shore is Toblino Castle, a fairytale-like fortress dating back to the 12th century, which is at the centre of many legends. In the 16th century, it has been converted into a summer recidence of prince-bishop Madruzzo. Meanwhile this outstanding building has become a restaurant and is only accessible for its guests. So have a cup of coffee on the sun terrace of the castle and anjoy the great panoramic view on the lake!

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