Lake Idro

This lake is situated between lake Garda and lake Iseo.

The 122 m deep lake Idro is situated on 369 metres above sea level, in picturesque location between lake Garda in the east and lake Iseo in the west. This prealpine lake of glacial origin is situated at the boarders of the two provinces Trentino and Brescia. Situated in terrific location among dense forests and green mountains, this lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Northern Italy. On the map lake Idro seems to be a little drop, whearas in reality it is not at all small: it is 12 km long and 2 km wide.

Moreover the Chiese river runs through the lake, which is continually providing fresh water to the lake. By the way: those who are adventurous enough can even canoe on this river! Furthermore the lake is suitable for all kinds of water sports like sailing and surfing. However, lake Idro is perfectly suitable for bathing, as in summer months its temperatures is really pleasant. That is why bathing is also possible in September.
Fishermen love this lake as well, as it features a rich variety of fish species. Particularly famous is the “pesce persico”. Those who prefer climbing or hiking will enjoy the surrounding mountains as well as the amazing view on lake Idro.

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