Cimon della Pala

The best known mountain in the Pale di San Martino mountain range.

Cimon della Pala is the second highest summit of the Pale di San Martino Group, second to its neighbour Cima di Vezzana, which is only slightly higher. Seen from Passo Rolle, this mountain presents a very striking outline. Due to its elegant shape it is also called “Cervino delle Dolomiti” (one of the most famous peaks of the Alps). The Cimon della Pala is located on the municipal territory of Tonadico. Along with its neighbour Cima Vezzana it is located on the northern edge of the Pale di San Martino Group.

The striking summit of the Cimon della Pala can be reached from the bivouac Fiamme Gialle by climbing (easy). The bivouac is reachable either via a steep hiking trail or the Via Ferrata Bolver Lugli, which is not too difficult, but nevertheless exhausting and exposed. Alpine experience and good stamina are indispensable.

This mountain has always attracted numerous tourists from all over the world. Josiah Gilbert and George Cheethman Churchill for example saw this striking peak on a picture and wanted to see this mountain at first hand.

Today the Cimon della Pala is the symbol of the Italian financial guard and is depicted on their emblem.

The first to climb this mountain were L. Darmstädter. J. Niederwieser-Stabeler and Luigi Bernard in 1989.

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