Hike on the ArteNatura Path in the Sella valley

The international Nature Art Exhibition in the woods and on the meadows in the Val di Sella is called Arte Sella, located near Borgo Valsugana.

Attention: due to the storm damages (October 2018) the ArteNatura theme trail and the Villa Strobele (reopening: 1st of May 2019) are not accessible at the moment. We will keep you informed about the current situation!

At Borgo Valsugana we take the road up to the Val di Sella and follow the marker “Arte Sella” until the parking space which is located about 500 meters past the Hotel Legno. Here we leave our car. Over the road we follow the path with the signposting “Percorso ArteNatura”. It leads us through the broad-leaved forest along the northern valley side. Soon we find the first artworks between the trees, which are integrated in the woodland scenery in a perfect and harmonic way.

Now the path leads out of the forest to a picnic-place with wooden tables and benches. From here we follow the asphalt road into the valley, past a restaurant until the Malga Costa. Here we are in the centre of the Nature Art Park of the Val di Sella. We pay a small entrance fee and find the most beautiful and splendid wooden artworks, also the famous “Wood-Cathedral” (Cattedrale Vegetale) of Giuliano Mauri.

This park is a paradise for those who are interested in nature and art. The exhibition is opened all year round and the combination with nature conveys its own special atmosphere in each season. We want to take a short cut for our way back, so we follow the asphalt road until the parking space.

Please note: the path “Percorso ArteNatura” is publicly accessible, the course at the Malga Costa is subject to a fee.

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If you want to do this hike, please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: parking space in the Val di Sella (after the Hotel Legno)
Signposts: Percorso ArteNatura, Malga Costa
Distance: 10 km (incl. course at the Malga Costa)
Walking time: 3 - 5 hours, comfortable incl. walk through the artworks
Altitude difference: 180 m
Altitude level: between 860 and 1,020 m a.s.l.
Experienced in: April 2013
Further information (art path):
phone: +39 0461 761029, artesella@yahoo.it

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