Castel Toblino

Numerous legends and myths grow around this romantic castle on the shores of Lake Toblino.

Built as an ancient temple on the sunny shores of Lake Toblino, Castel Toblino is nowadays one of the most renowned lake fortresses all over Trentino.

Numerous legends and forbidden love affairs have made this pretty castle so famous. It was by the way Cardinal Bernardo Clesio in the 16th century and later on the nobles of Madruzzo, who made the castle look the way it does today. All that remains of the medieval castle layout are the wall to the west and a turret to the north-west. The cylindrical tower, the symbol of the castle, has a height of 20 metres and is therefore the main tower of the complex.

In the course of the years the castle has been turned into a hotel and restaurant. Castel Toblino can be visited by appointment.

Further information:
Via Caffaro, 1
38072 Sarche
+39 347 82 60 222

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