Hike to the Lake Valley (Valle dei Laghi)

The interesting archaeological trail from Lasino to Cavédine starts and ends near the agricultural estate Dosila.

Featuring a length of 14 km, the archeological trail from Lasino to Cavédine takes you across colourful fields and beautiful natural sceneries at the heart of the Valle dei Laghi valley. A number of archeological findings render this path a special one, from the “Carega del Diaol” - a gigantic rock believed to be the seat of the devil - to the “Daìn”, a mighty rock face at the centre of many legends.

- starting point is the agricultural enterprise Dosila near to the village of Lasino
- hike towards Lasino and along the main road to a church called “Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo”
- walk acorss large fields until you arrive to Castle Madruzzo
- continue towards the state road, cross it and hike slightly upwards following the signs saying “Lasino-San Siro” until you reach the church “Chiesa di San Siro”
- hike on the asphalted roard until you arrive to the first bend
- from here a trail takes you up and down the wood and along a little ridge, from where you can watch the lake of Cavédine
- before arriving to the village of Cavédine, go for a little roundabout route to a Roman well (“fonte romana”)
- from the village, the trail “Sentiero Lasino” takes you across fields, vineyards and woods until your reach the place of Stravino
- hike across vineyards and a wood and finally some km along a broad trail until you reach the fenced fields of the agricultural enterprise Dosila

If you want to do this hike, please take information about the current conditions on site!

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