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Weather forecast

Saturday 04/12 morning:

Fondo: Sunny or partly cloudy. CoredoTon: Hardly cloudy due to medium-high stratifications.

Saturday 04/12 afternoon:

FondoCoredo: Overcast due to cirrostratus clouds and compact cloud layers. Ton: Overcast with possible light rainfall.

Saturday 04/12 evening:

FondoCoredo: Cloudy with possible sleet. Ton: Clouded with rainfall, locally mixed with snow.

Sunday 05/12 morning:

FondoCoredo: Irregular clouds with snowfall. Ton: Cloudy with spit of snowfall.

Sunday 05/12 afternoon:

Fondo: Slightly or partially cloudy. CoredoTon: Occasional clouds and clearing up.

Sunday 05/12 evening:

FondoTon: Occasional clouds and clearing up. Coredo: Slightly or partially cloudy.

Monday 06/12 morning:

FondoCoredoTon: Sunny.

Monday 06/12 afternoon:

FondoCoredoTon: Sunny.

Monday 06/12 evening:

FondoCoredoTon: Sunny.

Tuesday 07/12 morning:

FondoCoredo: Sunny with innocuous cirrostratus. Ton: Hardly cloudy due to medium-high stratifications.

Tuesday 07/12 afternoon:

FondoCoredoTon: Sunny.

Tuesday 07/12 evening:

FondoCoredoTon: Sunny.

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